Our Story

olie 3In a split second, your life can change forever. No one knows this better than siblings Willa, Aaron and Peter Berry. While their family of five was driving home from a vacation, their car was struck by a distracted driver, losing their parents Joshua and Robin and paralyzing the brothers from the waist down. The children were just six, eight and nine years old.

Following the accident, the Berry siblings were taken-in by their aunt and uncle, Simone and Matt, who also have two children of their own. Today, the blended family has worked to ban the use of cell phones in vehicles-a law that now exists in their home state of Texas because of their efforts.

Peter, Aaron, Willa, Noah and Misha founded OLIE: One Life is Enough- a program that educates people about distracted driving and asks them to take a pledge to stay focused while behind the wheel.

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